Tuesday, April 21, 2009

The Project

Here are proposed logos created by my Illustration Methods and Media II class. I must say, I think they did a great job. Most of my students have a couple of different color and type variants with the understanding that even after selection, there may be some changes to perfect the design. These are in a random order; I don't want to influence any selection by thinking I've ranked them somehow from top to bottom or bottom to top.

Thanks to the great Ryan Sarsfield for facilitating this whole thing and giving my students a chance to work with you on a great project.

It would be great my student to get feedback as well, so comments are always welcome:)



  1. Dear Andrew and students,

    We agree that you guys did a great job! These are all wonderful and we were impressed to see the creativity and different styles used. What are the permissions for using these? We would like to use some of these designs for our sensibilisation work with this critically endangered species, and we may have the local population chose one to use as a logo on some of their official documents.

    A few comments: there was no concensus and many of these were someone's favorite, but the design by Satchin Teng (top middle) was definitely among favorites and it would work well in B&W for prints. Some of the designs would be improved by being more physiologically and/or behaviorally accurate, but I know this is not something obvious to the artists who have never even encountered the species. None of us could have come up with anything close to any of these so thank you so much, we are very grateful for your very helpful contribution to our project and the conservation of the Tuamotu Kingfisher!

    Gabrielle Coulombe
    Graduate Research Assistant
    Fisheries and Wildlife Sciences
    University of Missouri-Columbia

  2. Ah Ram Seo's (middle) design was also definitely among favorites!